Welcome to my new blog!

A big wave to my faithful followers, and a huge Hello! to new blogging friends.

I hope you’ll find plenty to interest and entertain you at The Booksmith Blog.

For openers I’ve loaded some of my reviews in the Reader’s Radar pages. As you can see, these reviews date back to the beginning of my blogging career. Now that I have this secondary blog focussing on books I’ll post current and future reviews and bookish articles on The Booksmith, and continue to use my existing blog http://despatchesfromtimbuktu.wordpress.com as my electronic soapbox from which to write about everything else.

If you’d like to learn more about my reading tastes, take a look at the About Page – see top header.  I love quirky books, offbeat books, oh – who am I kidding? I just love books and reading! Come and join the party!

And then there are the Hits & Misses pages. Here you will find my annual reading lists – the good, the brilliant, the awful, the bad, the unreadable. Yes: there are such things as un-readable books – far and few to be sure, but every now and then I hit one, which I close firmly and return to the shelf. Although my reading tastes are eclectic, even I baulk at some books: bad writing, unpleasant themes (e.g. zombies), buckets of blood,  –  you get the picture, I’m sure. We all have our no-go areas. Now you’ve seen some of mine.

I’ll be posting reviews of my current reads, articles on bookish topics, contributions from guest reviewers and writers. Watch this space!

I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for books and reading with other readers. And last, but by no means least, please follow this blog and post comments – I love hearing from my readers.




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