LUNCH IN PARIS – Elizabeth Bard


Reading her book made me itch to get into the kitchen and start cooking! Immediately! And then buy a ticket to Paris for the pleasure of seeing the wonderful food markets she describes. At the end of each chapter are two or three recipes that have featured in the preceding chapter.
Not only do you get recipes, but you also read about the difficulties of adjusting to life and culture in France, which is worlds apart – quite literally- from New Jersey, USA , and a semi-Jewish heritage. It sounds so romantic: fall in love with a Frenchman, live in Paris, marry and settle down in Paris. Dream on. Elizabeth’s struggles to adjust, adapt, fit in and build a new life and many and varied. The language – the bureaucracy – and – and …
She also lets us in on the secret why French women are so damn thin. They’re wearing bikinis to the beach with utmost confidence at age 60! Want to know how? Portion control, and never, ever eating between meals. Simple. No snacking. Not forgetting the many flights of stairs in Parisian apartment buildings and the lack of lifts.
If you enjoy foodie books and memoirs, you should enjoy the book. Plus you can stun your friends by producing fabulous French dishes at your next dinner party
P.S. Do not open this book if you are dieting or trying to adopt a leaner, healthier lifestyle.

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