The inimitable Paige Nick gives us the story of the Frankel family, beset by upheaval. Every body’s life is in turmoil. Consider this: youngest daughter rocketing around Europe on a gap year, adventure after adventure. Another sister announces her lesbian status. Eldest sister is besieged by three rambunctious children and a working life. Mom & Dad are in crisis mode after decades of marital bickering. Dad – a non-smoker- starts somnambulist smoking.

But its twins Lucy and Stella who provide the catalyst that turns the whole shebang upside down. Communications count. And when the comms chain breaks, misunderstandings multiply by the page. Goody-two-shoes starts to live her life for real instead of via her Agony Aunt column in a magazine . Read on! Its light, its fun and its Chick-lit.

I couldn’t put it down. Enjoy.

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