In March I managed to read one from my big TBR pile; only 9 more to go to hit my 2018 target of 12 reads. It was the Murakami short stories. You either enjoy Murakami, or you don’t. Rather like pickled onions! That said, if you’ve never tried Japanese writers, then this is the book to sample , to see if you like the  genre. Murakami is famous as a novelist, but his short stories are equally brilliant.
I did a QD (Quick Dip) into Neil Gaiman’s version of traditional Norse mythology. He sails into the stories with gusto – a satisfying read if you enjoy super-hero reads.

Ratings: 5* – Outstanding! 4*+ – Good to very good; 3* – average; 2* – run-of-the-mill; 1* – dismal; zero * – no comment. DNF – did not finish; NF – non-fiction QD: quick-dip

4* Gravel Heart – Abdulrahazak Gurnah . An intricate family story set on the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar and modern London. Highly recommended. Reviewed on this blog.

3* The Lightkeeper’s Daughters – Jan Pendziwol. Canadian novel about a family living on an isolated island in Lake Superior; twins, identity, the accidents of fate. Reviewed on this blog.

3* The Digested 21st Century – John Crace. Longtime Guardian columnist’s amusing parody/satire on modern life. Reviewed on Goodreads.

3* The Elephant Vanishes – Haruki Murakami. Short storieszfrom the Japanese master of the surreal.
Reviewed on Goodreads:

3* Earthly Remains – Donna Leon. Another satisfying mystery with Commissario Brunetti, featuring Venice, the lagoon, and ecology. Reviewed on this blog.

DNF: Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman. A splendid re-telling of traditional Norse myths.


5 thoughts on “MARCH 2018 READING ROUND UP

  1. I have read a couple of Murakami books and enjoyed them quite a bit. He is such a good writer. You just have to dive in and absorb him. Haven’t read Neil Gaiman. You’re doing well with your challenge.


    1. Murakami has his own universe that’s for sure, inhabited by Japanese men who have supremely boring jobs and lives. One of his saving graces (in my book anyway) is that his stories often features cats.

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  2. I haven’t read any of those yet Alison. On your recommendation, however, I have thoroughly enjoyed Mountains of the Mind, (brilliant) Sapiens (not quite finished yet), and The Dark Flood Rises. Always look forward to your critiques, please keep them coming x


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