I am posting the May roundup on 1 June and have been reading other WordPress posts on a Reading Challenge : 20 Books of Summer, hosted by Cathy of 746 Books. Starting date for the Challenge is 1 June.


Most participants seem to be making assaults on their massive TBR piles. One blogger confessed to having 300 books and counting in her house! I’m not in that league, but my own TBR pile seems to grow exponentially. On-line Challenges are too pressurized for me. However, maybe, just maybe, I’ll haul 5 ? maybe even 10? Books out of the pile and make a determined effort to read them by the end of August 2018. 90 days to go.

How do you feel about a Reading Challenge for Summer? I’m quite surprised that the challenge is so popular. I thought Summer was the time to be out and about, enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine, but apparently die-hard bookworms are unmoved by weather patterns.

Finally: whilst cleaning my bookshelves I found an ancient little book, Oh My Word which was the spin-off from a beloved English Radio programme, featuring two Word Wizards and Punsters of note, Frank Muir & Denis Norden. Their off the cuff rambling stories that work around to delivering the punchline as a mangled version of well-known sayings are hilarious. I’ve taken a couple of Quick Dips into the book since re-discovering it, and always come away laughing. We need to keep books like this on our shelves!

Ratings: 5* – Outstanding! 4*+ – Good to very good; 3* – average; 2* – run-of-the-mill;
1* – dismal; zero * – no comment. DNF – did not finish; NF – non-fiction

5* The End of the Day – Claire North. Brilliantly inventive thought-provoking read. My Read of the Year, thus far. Not really a Fantasy Novel, difficult to classify but not to be missed. Reviewed on this blog.
5* The Paper Menagerie & other stories – Ken Liu. Dazzling collection of SF / Fantasy stories, with an Asian slant. Highly recommended. Reviewed on this blog.


4* Mothering Sunday – Graham Swift. A much hailed novella; reluctantly rated 4* with reservations – see review on this blog.

*3.5 A Climate of Fear – Fred Vargas. A rattling good murder mystery set in Iceland and Paris. Plenty of historical and personal background. Reviewed on Goodreads:
3.5*The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star – Vaseem Khan. Comic detective story set in India. Colourful, gripping and very funny. Reviewed on this blog.
3.5* Bertie’s Guide to Life & Mothers – Alexander McCall Smith. Another Edinburg story, in the 44 Scotland Street series. Gentle and charming. Reviewed on this blog.
3* Why Did You Lie ? – Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Creepy Icelandic murder mystery with a real whammy right at the end.


DNF * A WORD FOR LOVE – Emily Robbins. Reviewed on this blog.

QD – Oh My Word – Frank Muir & Denis Norden – always brings a smile.

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