THE MUSIC SHOP – Rachel Joyce


A heart-warming feel good read: exactly the right book for winter!

I enjoyed the fact that the two main characters – Frank who owned the vinyl shop and Ilse the mystery lady of green coat fame – were middle-aged. I also enjoyed the fact that there was a fair amount of misunderstandings, disappointments, heartache and heartbreak along the way to true love. This wasn’t a story about hearts, flowers, fluffy pink marshmallow people. The characters were splendid , especially Maud the tattoo shop owner (often described, very accurately, as resembling the bad fairy) and Frank’s determinedly bohemian, music mad mother, Peggy.

I don’t know much about music, so while music plays a central role in the story and is crucial to the final scenes, even I , with scanty musical, knowledge, could enjoy and love the book. Even the most curmudgeonly reader or the music snob, should enjoy this one.

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