TOUCH – Claire North






Amazon Synopsis:
The electrifying new thriller from the author of the acclaimed The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August.
Kepler is like you, but not like you. With a simple touch, Kepler can move into any body, live any life – for a moment, a day or for years. And your life could be next.SOME PEOPLE TOUCH LIVES. OTHERS TAKE THEM. I DO BOTH.

I’m a Claire North fan. I am in awe of her imagination. She dreams up highly original plots and has the ability to drive stories forward at a breakneck pace. But I’m afraid this book didn’t work for me.


It started off with a bang, and raced off. I found the constant touches/jumps/switches confusing, and – ultimately – wearisome. The narrative became repetitive: touch – jump/switch/ violent confrontation –jump- run/flee through some part of Europe, and repeat. Had this pattern been reduced by one-third, or even half, I would have enjoyed the book more.
I suppose Claire North wanted the identity of Galileo to slowly unfold, hence the length of the touch/jump/switch/run process, but for me it was too long drawn out.
The fault is probably mine, but I didn’t really understand the ending. As the phrase goes: I didn’t get it.
I’m sure other will love the book. It’s well written and exciting. But not for me.

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