I don’t think I’ve got the mid-winter blues, but I’m feeling very pap, as we say in South Africa. ‘Pap’ means listless, deflated, without energy.

So I’ll be taking a blogging mini-break in August. I won’t publish any reviews or recommendations, but will post the usual monthly reading roundup , for those who are wondering: what should I read next?

In my case the answer is: oh! the agonies of choice! There’s my TBR pile simmering on the shelf, plus the monthly Book Club offering, and … and … Perhaps it’s fortunate that I’m going away on a mid-month family visit, because the airline charges the socks off you for over weight baggage, so I’ve included only one novel How to be Both by Ali Smith which I’m struggling to read. Let’s hope a change of altitude and scenery will make it more approachable.

I recently bought an Amazon Kindle device, as an aid to travel reading, but alas! our South African rand is even weaker than ever, so that is a big disincentive to buy dollar-priced books. On past family visits I’ve ransacked the bookshelves, hunting for something – anything – to read, which means I’m striking out into my daughter’s territory of Africana, animal/bush related memoirs and novels, Rhodesian history. Well, it makes a change, if nothing else.

See you at the end of August. Meanwhile: happy reading!

4 thoughts on “A MID-WINTER BREAK

  1. Alison I see you are going away on a break to family. So I want to wish you a peaceful and  restful time with good food, lots of good reading and time to recuperate from your illness. I too have a Kindle but still prefer a real book. The benefit is if one is on holiday, one can carry loads of books in a tiny space. Enjoy your break. Everything fine at our end. Lots of love Eileen and Eric xxx 

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  2. Have a peaceful and happy family visit, with at least one good laugh every day. I too have quite a few TBR books, currently all in boxes due to our moving house! I look forward to more inticing reviews in September. Lots of love xx

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  3. You and I are sharing winter. It always hits me by September. I’m flying to California to stay with my sister for 3 weeks to avoid it. Though I hope their fires are out. Gets smokey. Enjoy and do something fun.

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