Why, oh why, do people write comments in novels and short story collections?

A recent Book Sale buy, a short story anthology, has heavy underlinings in green felt-tip, plus awestruck comments elsewhere on the quality of the writing, liberally sprinkled with exclamation marks.

By all means annotate non-fiction textbooks or reference books, if these are going to be keepers on your shelf. Or, even in treasured poetry anthologies which you know you will keep on your shelves, and have been carefully detailed in your Will to follow you in to the grave or the fires. But works of general fiction that you will probably donate or give away? Sorry, no!

I do wish you wouldn’t. Its visually distracting, that heavy, coloured wobbly underlining and really, I neither care nor agree with your notes about the ‘stunning’ or ‘amazing’ prose. Grrrhhh.

You may visualise me adjusting my bi-focals, and polishing my Fuddy Duddy Book Nerd Badge.
** You will note the emphasis is on BITE.

7 thoughts on “A LITTLE BOOKISH BYTE *

  1. I checked out a library book once that had spelling or grammatical errors in it and someone had corrected them in red pen. Maybe your reader was a student? Either way it can be annoying. I laughed that you disagreed with comments in book. Did you write that beside the comments already there ? Haha. Where can I get one of those badges you mention. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

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  2. I detest it as well, and at book sales, I now leaf through every damn book I want to buy beforehand.
    And, what’s worse, is Amazon Kindle books I sometimes purchase RETAIN underlining inserted from other readers. That really throws me off the rails. I no longer purchase Kindle books from Amazon.

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