THE STARLESS SEA – Erin Morgenstern


I was hooked from the moment I read the gold title, and read page 1. I am unapologetically in rave mode. If you didn’t enjoy the book, then read no further.

For me it was a ten star Fantasy read. Never mind Goodreads miserable 5 star top accolade.

When I reached The End, I immediately turned back to the beginning to reacquaint myself. I didn’t want the story to end; it swept me away, for 494 glorious pages. I never noticed the length. It probably took me a week to read, because the writing is so lush that it was good to read slower, and savour the prose.

The back cover is an abstract design, reminiscent of brocade: rich colours interwoven with gold thread, forming a dense, gleaming fabric. I felt as if I was reading brocade.

The book is a dazzling amalgam of fantasy, myth and fairytale, books, libraries, hidden underground worlds, magic doorways that are portals other realms and times; there are star crossed lovers, time loops, oh! and cats! It doesn’t get any better than this.
I will be buying my own copy.

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