It wasn’t the Easter bunny who knocked on my door on Easter Saturday bringing Easter goodies, but the Takealot.com delivery service. No chocolate eggs could equal the contents of the box he delivered. Earlier in March Takealot had a sale, with real markdowns, so I took full advantage. I do love sale bargains!

I can’t wait to read Klara. The reviews have been bombarding us , for months. I just hope its not going to be a case of over-hype.

The NK Jemisin Trilogy has been stashed away to be read in winter, when we have a week of solid rain, as sometimes happens in Cape Town. I have hunted in vain in the Libraries, and shops for the trilogy – or any of NKJ’s books, for that matter. Again, the praise chorus has thundered out loudly for the trilogy, so I’m looking forward to it.

I wondered if any of my readers have read the books? if so, I’d love to hear your verdict.

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