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This has turned out to be a mostly non-Fiction month of reading. Not planned; happenchance.

The two best reads were The Swerve and Tim Winton’s Coastal Memoir. In my eyes, he can write no wrong. I swear if I found a copy of TW’s grocery list, I’d read it with rapt attention. An enchanting 113 pages about TW’s discovery and love of the ocean. I loved the book so much I’m on the lookout for my own copy.

As for The Swerve – well, Stephen Greenblatt won the National Book Award for this fascinating combo of history and philosophy. The section I most enjoyed were the chapters about the rascally Renaissance Popes. My word! They make modern scandals pale by comparison. As for the philosophy, Greenblatt recounts the gist of Lucretius’ mind-blowing ideas, from his poem On the Nature of Things. Plenty to think about, on many levels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucretius

Amazon.com kept begging me to buy C J Box’s Western crime novels, so I borrowed one from the Library. Nope. Not for me. My heart belongs to Craig Johnson and Walt Longmire. And there’s the end of it. Absaroka County for me.



Ivy & Abe – Elizabeth Enfield. A love story with a difference. Ivy & Abe work through different incarnations experiencing permutations of love & couplehood.

Open Season – C J Box . Crime in Wyoming, but DNF .



The Swerve – Stephen Greenblatt. Dazzling, explosive.

Land’s Edge . A Coastal Memoir. – Tim Winton. What a marvelous read!
The Biology of Belief – Bruce H Lipton PhD. Accessible ideas about biochemistry, genetics, and Epigenetics. DNF